Why Swiss Key?


Each Swiss Key is its own crypto wallet that you can hold in your hand. With it, you can send and receive crypto. You can store it in your wallet, safe, or in a treasure chest.  


Embedded within each Swiss Key is a revolutionary microchip & NFC antenna that enables a seamless and secure  payment experience.


It takes milliseconds to verify, load and extract value from a Swiss Key. Take a screenshot of the card in-app to share your mailing address for money.

Convenient Crypto. Delivered with Love.

The Swiss Keys are the most convenient way to store and use crypto and are going to change the way we view and use crypto.  It's a physical card that complements your digital wallet.

More than a card we're creating connection & delivering a new experience. Swiss Key is dedicated to universal safe access to crypto through a vertically integrated command center. #YKYC - Your Keys, Your Control!

Learn more about Swiss Key & Download the Beta @ http://link.bar/swisskey 

Swiss Key has partnered with Tangem to bring this transformative technology to the world. Visit their site to learn more about the technology within Swiss Key. To use Swiss Key get Tangem for iOS or Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the card work?

Each card is a secure crypto wallet. The card has an NFC antenna to connect with mobile devices or a payment terminals. From supported apps you can verify the balance, load crypto, & extract crypto.  

Do I need an app to use the card?

Yes. You need the Tangem app. Swiss Key (currently in Beta) is integrating the SDK but these cards are soo sweet and work great that we want to get them in the hands of people who will love them. 

Your mobile device needs to support NFC in order to be able to read and send transactions from the card. 

What happens if I lose the card or it is stolen?

The card is like a fiat bank note. Whoever has control of it can use it. If you lose cash then you no longer control it. The same is true with a Swiss Key. If it's stolen then the thief has control. Treat the card like cash and show it respect.

Is there a way to backup the card?

No. The private key of the card cannot be exported and exists only on the chip of the card. If you could back it up then you couldn't be certain the value of the card is safe. 

What is the advantage of having a Swiss Key Card?

For one it's extremely convenient; you can receive and send crypto from it in seconds. Secondly, they're sleek & familiar; it looks like a traditional card but inside the card is tech that we consider to be one of the most important financial innovations in human history.  Thirdly, it's a great tool for education and adoption; people ask questions and you can show them how it works and start them on their crypto journey.

Can you put multiple cryptocurrencies on a single card?

No. Each card only supports on currency and a single public address at this time. If you want to have Bitcoin and Ethereum in your physical wallet you're going to need 2 cards. 

Can I give these cards as gifts?

Absolutely. These cards are amazing gifts. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Birthdays. Graduation. Retirement. Baby Showers. Weddings...these are an awesome gift that can deliver exponential value compared to it's price.  

You can load them with crypto and give them to a person or you can give it to them empty. The choice is yours. Compared to the traditional ways that crypto has been given, like cold-wallets, seed phrases, hardware wallets etc., these cards are simple, can be held in ones hand, put into a stocking, and can be a portal to learning and further research.

Can I tap and pay at any terminal like a credit card?

Not yet. There are some interesting developments in the pipeline and there are some point-of-sale companies, including cyclebit.com, who are working on making it seamless. Check out this video demo!

Does the cards come loaded with crypto?

No. That would be cool but would create new challenges. These cards are empty when shipped. 

I think these would be great swag for my company. Can I have custom cards made?

These cards are the ultimate swag. If you are interested in wholesale, reselling, & custom orders email us.